Our Services

Our motto—Real estate for real people—means that the best outcome can only result from a complete understanding of your needs. We want to help our clients attain ideal commercial real estate solutions that will suit their needs, now and in the future. Since the average lease last from 5 to 10 years, we take the time to become knowledgeable about every client. Through our meetings, we help clients clearly define their intentions and objectives. By keeping our client’s best interest at heart, we are better able to analyze a tenant’s situation and present them with a strategic plan to achieve their space, facility, and financial goals. We make sure that a space will suit a tenant client for years.

The Meyer Group our associates have the highest and most up-to-date credentials, training and technology that help our clients find the best properties for their needs. Oftentimes, we work with architects, space planners, financial analysts, engineers, appraisers, and relocation specialists to make a transaction as complete and smooth as possible. Through the years we have developed strong relationships in every key area of commercial real estate service.  Ultimately, it is our loyalty to tenant-clients that has helped make The Meyer Group one of the most established long standing commercial real estate firms in the D.C. metropolitan area.